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He said "I'm sorry" so many times,
the words burned echoes into his tongue.
If you listen as he prays,
you can hear them still.

His body aches like words and roots
ripped from bones; a man that typed not with ink,
but with soul.
His is the world, and the world
is hers, that last hope he threw into the wild,
flung with all the desire of bourbon-fueled summers--
she was a flicker of flame he knew would burn

This is the part where he lays down his
last stanzas, throws his timecard to God or whoever
is in charge, and leaves for the woods and
the winters and the loneliness he knew would be his
from the moment he was born. Unshackled.

His is the freedom of clear skies.
It was my intent
to never fall in love with the irrational,
to have no room for vacancy signs and
paths less traveled.

I color-coded the years
and made reservations at all the right
milestones, told myself I'd land right
at 25 to live in a cottage with a baby (and
a husband, only as an afterthought)
and a fireplace and a dog or two. I'd sweep
the floors and cook dinners and raise my daughter
to never believe she owed the world
a damned thing.

But then I fell in love with a man
who is earth, pine, steel. Sharp edges,
a wild thing, cutting and dry. He gave me
life and loss, barren womb and open eyes.
I no longer want that baby.

There is travel, and there is cold,
there is passion, and there is silence.

I am happy here,
but streams will carve paths down my face;
I will age, am aging, like a bare tree in the
desert. I will have tear-soaked pillows,
but I will also have love.

It was my intent
to never be owned,
but intentions fold, too.


Sat Feb 28, 2015, 5:47 PM
Writing is awfully hard these days.

There's work, where I have a pre-k class projectile vomiting and crying and learning how to do the whole school thing.

There's graduate school I'm preparing for. (MBA, what whaaaat.)

There's a big move to Atlanta coming up soon.

So I've been a busy gal.

But seriously, I am trying to get back into the whole scene. It's gonna take me a while, but I'll get there.

So how have y'all been?

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Happy Birthday! ... sorry I forgot a gift, I've been busy so I'll get ya back on Christmas!
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